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Our A to Zen Approach

We are much more than a design agency that creates your brand, labels or packages and then sends you on your way. Our approach is the total A to Z solution when launching a brand, getting it ready for market or for establish brands that need much more with growth solutions.

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Real Brands & Real Results

"This company has been the best thing for my brand! They created an amazing logo and have developed all of my products. I for sure recommend Dezign Hemp!"

Chris Miles

Owner of Beehive Blends

Brand Strategy Solutions

Branding is much more than creating a pretty logo and calling it done for the day. Brand strategy is the way the brand is executed to match the audience, archetypes and avatars (buyers personas)

Exploring colors, fonts and understanding the tone, the mission and your brands voice. It provides clarity on your market, niche and how your brand will be viewed. It is the heart and soul of your company. It also provides a clear path for your customers to you and creates brand loyalty.

We will look at your overall needs, budget and make an action plan starting with these 3 tracks. Ensuring you are on the correct path to true brand zen. (New Brand, Brand Refresh or Complete Re-Brand)

"They helped launch my first brand! Creating everything from our logo, to all of our product lines & media assets. It's been a one-stop-shop. I absolutely recommend them!"

Shane Ericksen - Farm To Pharma CBD

New Brand

Creating a new brand? This track is great for new product lines in development or for those just starting.

Brand Refresh

Great for those wanting their current logo updated. We will provide a fresh new updated look for you.

Complete Re-Brand

This is for brands that need to completely rebrand. Provides the most impact to re-align to the correct audience or market niche.

Brand Zen Journey Pathway Packages

Once you decide on what direction you need to go, whether that is a creating a New Brand, Brand Refresh or a Complete Re-Brand solution, you now have the choice to add our Brand Zen Journey Pathway Packages.

This is a great way of providing the right pathway to meet your individual brands goals and budget.

Choose Your Path To Zen

Brand Zen Basic

Get the bare essentials with your own style guide, colors, mood board as well as social media assets for brand consistency

Brand Zen Standard

Includes everything in the Brand Zen Basic, plus additional building blocks that will help your company get clearer on it position in the market place.

Brand Zen Premium

This is the complete Brand Zen with built in marketing and a custom roadmap that includes monthly set of deliverables to increase your exposure!

Label & Package Design

We provide peace of mind for all of our cannabis brands by creating amazing label and package designs. Our mission is to separate you from your competition in any environment your products are sold in.

Zen Monthly

Life can get pretty stressful with all the marketing and design elements needed to run a successful business.

Let us take some of that stress off your shoulders.

Providing your outsource remote design agency. No HR benefits, insurance, etc. overhead to worry about, just a team of design pros ready and able to help grow your company!

Art Management Streamlined

Introducing Our "AMD" System

When working with our amazing customers one of the most important items we wanted to provide is how to manage the artwork and projects as well as providing easy solutions when sharing the work we create.

We developed our AMD system or Art Management Data Base powered by AirTable to totally streamline your management workflow!

Powered by

Using the Airtable software we developed a system that easily allows you to access your artwork at quick glance as well as download the artwork. Allows for quick communication with real time notifications between all team members for easy collaboration.

Works on all mobile devices for quick access to all your artwork. We offer this as a free services for all of our customers.

Print Production & Fulfillment

For your labels, packaging as well as expos, merch and swag

Providing printing solutions for your brand as well as ensuring

that the overall quality is delivered for every product every time!

Growth Marketing

Building your core marketing foundation

Other Services & Platforms


Label & Packaging Compliance Audit

Some states as well as certain global countries all have a set of standards they have when getting your product ready for market. Proving peace of mind 3rd party compliance audits will help you ensure the safety as well as avoiding huge fines or pay fees for being out of compliant protocols. Let us provide label Zen in your journey to launching a new brand or product.


Website Design & Support

One of the biggest and most important ways to connect to your brand is your website and digital presence online. We work hand in hand with you on identifying your overall needs with your website or e-commerce platforms. Making sure that the website matches your brands audience as well as being consistent throughout all your brands digital touchpoints.

Award Worthy Educational Marketing Material

Nominated for "Best CBD Book" for 2022 at the World CBD Awards


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